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Internet radio stations, such as the Christian stations below and every other Internet broadcaster of every style and genre are in immediate danger of being squeezed off the air by exorbitant broadcast rate increases being proposed by music royalty groups. Internet radio stations such as those listed below are the only real choice for millions of us who enjoy the choice and variety offered by online broadcasters who can tailor their playlists to what the listeners really want and not what the big record companies insist they play.

If we don't act now in pressuring our senators and representatives on Capitol Hill to back the Internet Radio Equality Act, listeners across the United States and around the world may be left with no real choices on what they can hear online, because the independent broadcasters--of whom many online Christian radio stations are among the best--don't have the money to fight the music giants.

Call your senators and congressmen at (202) 224-3121 and ask them to support the Internet Radio Equality Act, Senate Bill 1353 and House Bill 2060. Daily updates are available online at the Radio And Internet Newsletter. If Internet radio is forced off the air, listeners everywhere will be deprived of real choices in music and other online offerings. Please call today, before it's too late.

Welcome to the ChristRocks.net music corner of The JESUSFREAK.NETwork!

Here you will find really awesome Christian radio stations you can listen to online while you surf the Net. I will be adding more to the list as I check them out. E-mail me if you have any suggestions on stations to add. I'm not looking for just any Christian radio station that happens to have an online broadcast. I'm looking for online radio stations that are seeking new and innovative ways to reach people for Christ, especially stations targeting non-traditional listeners. Please pray for the ministry of each of these stations.

If any of the links below don't work, please e-mail me at chad@jesusfreak.com and let me know.

UPDATED SEPT. 20, 2007


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Independent artist music downloads
  • UPickIt.net

    Band reviews/news
  • Circle 37
  • WiseMenPromotions.com

    Hard and heavy/Alternative
  • 89.7, Power FM (Dallas)
  • 1030 The Light (Kansas City)
  • ACES (Another Christian Emo/Rock Station)
  • Air1
  • Alpha and Omega Radio
  • Burned Radio
  • Catalyst Youth Radio
  • ChristianHardRock.net
  • ChristianMetal.net ChristianMetal.org
  • ChristianRock.net
  • ChristianRockRadio.com
  • ChristianTuner.com
  • CMRadio.net
  • Cross Rhythms (Stoke on Trent, England)
  • CrossRock.com
  • Effect Radio
  • FlamingFish
  • GodCore.com
  • GuitarJams.net
  • JamXRadio.net
  • K-LIFE
  • KXCD
  • M88
  • Q90 FM
  • RadioU
  • Reign Radio
  • Rock Of Ages Radio
  • Sanctuary International (Music Room/Intense Radio link)
  • Shine89.7
  • Tetelestai Radio
  • The CALL 91.7 (Miami, FL)
  • The Refinery Rock Radio
  • Tri-Rock Radio
  • WILV Radio (Madison, WI)
  • WOLR Radio (Live Oak, FL)
  • WVOE-FM (St. Paul, MN)
  • ZFM
  • ZRocks

    Independent Christian Music
  • Biglooradio.com
  • Burned Radio
  • CrossRock.com
  • JamXRadio.net
  • Spirit Radio
  • WVOE-FM (St. Paul, MN)

    Old-school Christian music ('70s and '80s)
  • ClassicChristianRock.net
  • HeartMatters Radio
  • JesusMusicOldies.com
  • The Ground Floor Rock Show (artist interviews)
  • The Sounds of Calvary Chapel During the Jesus Movement
  • CCMClassics.com

  • Altared Lives Radio (Lakeland, FL)
  • Christian-HipHop.net
  • EPrayzeRadio
  • HolyHipHop.com

  • Time 2 Dance

    Contemporary Worship
  • AllWorship.com (Birmingham, Alabama)
  • Anointed Sounds
  • BornAgainRadio.com
  • Branch FM (Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, England)
  • Calvary 88.5, KLJC (Kansas City, MO)
  • ChristianTuner.com
  • CMRadio.net
  • Dove Radio
  • Hope Radio
  • JamXRadio.net
  • KCCS-AM (Salem, Oregon)
  • Praise 106.5 (Seattle/Vancouver, WA/BC)
  • Praise On Fire Radio
  • Rock Of Ages Radio
  • WBCL-FM (Ft. Wayne, IN)
  • WBSN/Lifesongs Radio
  • WorshipRadio.com

  • 88.3, The Point
  • 105.5, The Fish (Sacramento)
  • 105.7, The X (Bangor, ME)
  • 1030 The Light (Kansas City)
  • Air1
  • AM 930, THE LIGHT (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
  • Biglooradio.com
  • ChristianTuner.com
  • CMRadio.net
  • Cross Rhythms (Stoke on Trent, England)
  • Dominion 1520 AM (Toledo)
  • Dove Radio
  • J93.3 (Atlanta)
  • Joy FM (Des Peres, MO)
  • KBNJ, 91.7 FM (Corpus Christi, TX)
  • KGNZ-FM (Abilene, TX)
  • K-LIFE
  • KLove
  • KLTY (Dallas)
  • KLRC 101.1 (Siloam Springs, AR)
  • KSBJ-FM (Houston)
  • KTLI-FM, Light 99 (Wichita, KS)
  • KTSY-FM (Caldwell, ID)
  • KWND, Wind FM (Springfield, Missouri)
  • KXOJ (Tulsa, OK)
  • KZZQ FM (Waukee, IA)
  • Life 100.3 (Barrie, Ontario, Canada)
  • Sonshine FM (Perth, Australia)
  • Spirit 105.3, KCMS (Seattle)
  • Tetelestai Radio
  • The Fish
  • Way FM (Nashville)
  • WBCL-FM (Ft. Wayne, IN)
  • WBGL-FM (Champaign/Urbana, IL)
  • WBHY, Power 88 (Mobile, AL)
  • WBSN/Lifesongs Radio (New Orleans)
  • WCVO FM (New Albany, OH)
  • WETN-FM (Wheaton, IL/Chicago)
  • WGCA Radio, 88.5 FM (Quincy, IL)
  • WGTS-FM (Takoma Park, MD)
  • WILV Radio (Chicago)
  • WJIE-FM (Louisville, KY)
  • WJTL-FM (Lancaster, PA)
  • WLAB, Star 88.3 (Ft. Wayne, IN)
  • WLFJ/HisRadio Satellite Network (Greenville/Spartanburg/Anderson, SC)
  • WMHK, 89.7 FM (Columbia, SC)
  • WMSJ 89.3 (Freeport, ME)
  • WPER-FM (Warrenton, VA)
  • WRCM-FM (Charlotte, NC)
  • WRXT, Spirit FM (Lynchburg/Blacksburg, VA)
  • WZFS-FM, The Fish (Chicago)
  • YES FM (Detroit)
  • Z88.3 (Orlando)
  • ZJam

    Spanish Worship / Adoración En Español
  • AllWorship.com (Birmingham, Alabama)
  • MessiahRadio.com

    Russian Christian radio
  • MessiahRadio.com

    Messianic Jewish Radio

    Gospel/Traditional Worship
  • AllWorship.com (Birmingham, Alabama)
  • EPrayzeRadio
  • Whitedove Radio